Founded on January 6, 1542 on the traces of the Mayan city called T'Hó.


A city full of history and traditions. Its main interest points:


The main square, the cathedral, the House of Montejo, the Town hall.



The colonial city of Valladolid, placed in the State of Yucatan, is the second biggest city after the capital, Merida. This city is full of pre-Hispanic and colonial history. Most of its buildings and its streets its glorious past and colonial style still preserve.


Thanks to the documents known as Mayan "Chilam Balam of Chumayel", it is known that the Izamal population was an important ally of the society who inhabited Chichén Itzá. Between its most out-standing pre-Hispanic monuments "Kinich Kak Moo" for being the biggest of the Peninsula of Yucatan. Anteriormenta called Itzamatul City of Three Cultures.